Teacher Created Resources

As a teacher myself, I have seen, read and used several educational resources through the years. I even was asked at one point to evaluate teaching materials and decide to order them or not.

I always found that despite the concepts and the illustrations, if was usually obvious that who ever wrote these textbooks never set a foot in a classroom since the day they graduated from school.

On the opposite end, when I would go through teacher created resources or had a colleague share his or her own resources with me, I soon discovered that they were not only full of precious content but also filled with various strategies, goals and unique ideas that had been done in a classroom with a lot of success.

Now, you can acquire and use teacher created resources without having to ask a colleague or hope that a generous person will willingly offer them to you. How? Simply by browsing the site and going on Teacher Created Resources

What does this site have to offer?

What does the website Teacher Created Resources has to offer you? Well, here are a few options. You can shop online, view sample pages ask them to send you a catalog that you can browse at your own pace and order from when ready. There are also some free resources that you can download as well as free lessons and activities. When searching for a specific item, you may browse by subject, grade or products. This site is user friendly.

If you prefer to take a look for yourself in person, there is a retailer locator that is available so you can find more easily where to go to find these Teacher Created Resources. You can also track your order through their tracking system.

So take it easy and order some teacher created resources. After all, why not allow your students to benefit from proven lessons in a classroom? Sit back, relax and visit
Teacher Created Resources.

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