Math Resources

As a teacher, one of the responsibilities related to my job is to order educational games such as manipulative materials and Math games to help the students of the following year learn concepts more easily. It does not matter where you teach, you often have to order through catalogs and pay a fortune for items such as a third grade Math place value set. Also, unless you order quite a few weeks before the end of the school year, you would often have to wait well into the new school year for the teaching resources that you ordered.

Nowadays, the Internet provides a huge variety of online stores that not only offer a huge selection of educational games and educational resources but also great prices and fast delivery. Amongst the numerous online stores on the Internet, I came across some retailers that offer a great variety of Math resources and items that can be used as manipulatives. Which retailers am I talking about? The answer is easy! They are: Teacher Created Resources and

What kind of Math resources do these retailers offer?

What Math resources are available at these online stores? Well, if you are browsing the online catalog of Teacher Created Resources, you will discover some books offering a variety of educational activities as well as some educational resources such as: posters, charts, etc.

When you browse the resources that you will find at, you will discover a amazing array of items that you can use as manipulatives at affordable prices. Seeing is believing! One of my favorite categories is Math. This category has been divided in subcategories which represent the various mathematical concepts to be taught to students. Here are the subcategories: graphs, concepts/operations, counting, geometry, money, shapes, time and more.

Since Math games and manipulative materials are essential to the learning process of your students, why not get the best products at the best prices?

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