Art supplies for Art students

For years I have been involved in Art either as a student or a teacher but the problem that I often faced was: "Where can I find specialized Art supplies at great prices?" As a parent of two special needs children with poor fine motor skills but having a huge interest in Art, my other question is: "Where can I find adapted Art supplies that will allow both my children to enjoy Art fully?"


Finally, as a teacher, I would ask myself: "Where can I find educational resources and materials that can allow me to teach a variety of techniques, tools and mediums to my students?" After all, teaching Art is not only about learning but also about exploring and expressing your creativity.

Nowadays, the Internet gives everyone, students and teachers alike, the opportunity to find more than just the answers to these questions, it gives you the name of an online store, Dick Blick Art Materials.

What art supplies are available online?

What can this online store has to offer that is so different than any other online store? Simple, it can meet the needs of either Art students or Art teachers, with or without special needs.

What types of Art supplies for Art students can you find at
Well, for starters, you have a variety of Art supplies for painting. You can find airbrush, brushes, canvas, oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolors, easels, outdoor studio as well as furniture for artists.

You can also find all the Art supplies that you need for drawing, scrap booking, sculpting, Graphic Arts, screen printing, mosaics, sign making, ceramics and more. As for the teacher, the educational resources that are available include: books, furniture and educational materials. Finally, special needs students can also be involved in Art by acquiring some Art supplies designed to facilitate the use of Art supplies for special needs students such as: easy-to-grip drawing tools and brushes, pencil grips and holders, furniture for wheelchair access and easi-grip and training scissors.

As you can see not only does Dick Blick Art Materials offer you an impressive selection of Art supplies for Art students and teachers, they also give you great prices and unbelievable savings. So, why not get all you need at one place, and do it right now?

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