Teacher resources for Curious George and more…

As a teacher myself, I have been looking for several ways through the years to motivate my students toward reading. But living in remote communities did not make it easy to find and when I would find some reading resources to use or recommend them to parents, their cost would be exorbitant. Where could I find some teacher resources for Curious George and other reading resources?

Luckily, a company that is now well known for its quality products and competitive prices sent us flyers to hand out to students. As an educator, I was now able to find books, reading resources, teaching materials and educational software. What is the name of this company? It is The Scholastic Store.

Parents, teachers and students will easily find something that fit their needs and interests as well as the limits of their budget.

What are the benefits from ordering books from that store?

What are the benefits of ordering online from The Scholastic Store? Well, first of all, unless you have a child in school, how else can you get what you want amongst the huge inventory of educational resources and books that Scholastic has to offer you and your family? Also, since Scholastic does not only specialize in books and reading resources of school age children, you and your little ones would miss out on a lot. You see, this company also has a lot to offer to children from birth to, well passed their teenage years.

In fact,
The Scholastic Store has various types of quality products they offer to you and your family. They sell books of all ages, educational software, toys and games, audio and video resources and classroom materials. Their navigation system is easy to use, offers suggestions according to various age groups, gift ideas and keeps you updated with the latest bargains.

You also have several options tailored to your shopping style. You can either shop by product type, characters & series, brand, subject, price or specialty shops. They also guarantee to deliver your order in a two weeks period. If it takes longer than two week, you will receive 100 Bonus Points. If you wish to use a faster type of delivery you can pay either cash or use bonus points.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you need to do is browse, order and have it delivered at your door. No need to shop for hours, suffer from sore feet and waste a lot of gas going from store to store. You can do it all in the comfort of your home. Soon you will realize that your children will not only enjoy being read to but will become motivated to read books on their own. Raise a reader!

If you wish to learn more about books used to teach how to read, visit the page called: Reading Resources.