School Supplies for Reading

I have been teaching for more than twenty years, from Junior Kindergarten up to Grade 9. I even taught some Grade 10 and adults attending my evening classes. It doesn't matter what age they are, reading is an important part of their education.

Through the years, I have dealt with several companies to order some school supplies, teaching resources and educational resources, some of which were focused on reading. The best and most affordable company that I have dealt with is Scholastic.

Nowadays, Scholastic is even online under the name: The Scholastic Store. It offers the best and most affordable selections of books ranging from birth to adults. There is everything that you can wish for that will not only improve your child's reading skills but will also interest them and tickle their curiosity for reading.

What types of books can you order from that store?

You have nursery rhymes for babies, simple stories focusing on certain educational topics such as colors; there are repetitive texts for children learning how to read and exciting stories for teenagers such as the Harry Potter series.

On top of having such a selection for books and other reading resources, you have everything that meets adults and teachers' needs. The Scholastic Store also offers an amazing selection of teaching resources and educational resources that fit everyone's budget…even schools!

See for yourself their wonderful inventory. You will be amazed by all they have to offer to tiny listeners up to the experienced reader: fairytales filled with magic, educational books about dinosaurs, animals and more. You will also find biographies, dramas, suspense, horror and so much more. Allow you imagination to go wild by reading books.

There is no doubt in my mind, The Scholastic Store online will meet all your readers' needs!

If you wish to learn more about books for young readers, visit the page called: Teacher resources for Curious George and more….