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Schoolsupplies.findoutnow.org, like any other site, has its own beliefs, based on a disclaimer and a privacy statement. It is important for us to communicate detailed information to our readers in order to show them that we do take their rights to privacy seriously.

What is a disclaimer? It provides information concerning schoolsupplies.findoutnow.org's affiliates, the links, the products and the prices made available to our readers.


What is a privacy statement? It is schoolsupplies.findoutnow.org's guarantee of privacy in various areas such as: links, weblogs, cookies, etc. Our readers do not need to be concerned about the violation of their privacy by selling or trading personal information provided to us by our readers. Schoolsupplies.findoutnow.org offers our readers the respect they deserve.

If you wish to learn more information regarding these two policies, I encourage you to visit the following pages: Disclaimer and Privacy Statement.